Live attenuated porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), strain VP-046 BIS: 103.5-105.5 CCID50.

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INDICATION: For active immunization of breeding females and pigs from farms affected with PRRS virus to reduce reproductive disorders, incidence and duration of viraemia, transplacental virus transmission, virus tisuue load and clinical signs associated with infection with strains PRRS virus.

DOSAGE: Im-2ml/animal or intradermal -0.2mL/animal. Gilts: Vaccinate 4 weeks before mating. Sows: Vaccinate 2 weeks beforemating or 8-9 weeks of gestation. Pigs: Vaccinate 2 weeks of age: 3-4 weeks of age in cases where maternally derived antibodies (MDA)are present.

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