Inactivated vaccine against swine influenza, A (Hsw1N1)OLL, A (Hsw3N2) G and A (Hsw3N2) SH strains.

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INDICATION : Prevention of influenza or flu.

DOSAGE: 2 mL/pig by IM inj into the neck muscles. Recommended vaccination programs: Closed cycle farms - Sows: Vaccinate all sows with 2 mL irrespective of their condition (pregnant or lacta­ting). Revaccinate 21 days later with the same dose. Also, it is recommended to revaccinate with 2 mL in later pregnancies about 1 month before farrowing, or to administer periodical revaccinations every 6 mos. Boars: Vaccinate all animals with 2 mL. Revaccinate at 21 days later with 2 mL. Then, revaccinate every 6 mos with 2 mL. Piglets: Vaccinate at 30-40 days of age with 2 mL. Revaccinate when 60-65 days old with 2 mL. Fattening units: Vaccinate all animals with 2 mL when entering the premises. Revacci­nate with 2 mL 3 wks later.

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